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What is HRMS Software?

The software which enables a modern enterprise to automate its day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, helps to build a better workplace, and makes it easier to achieve its strategic HR goals faster and smarter is a HR software. Based on its depth & width you call it a HRMS, HRIS, or HCM (Human Capital Management).

HRMS functions include recruitment & onboarding, employee information management, attendance & leave management, payroll, performance management, employee self-service and so much more. Since these are repetitive tasks, automation means higher productivity. Employee leave tracking, taxation, time tracking, attendance time-in and out, overtime calculation, performance appraisal, travel arrangements, expenses claim and reimbursements etc. should no more be a burden with an able HRMS.

Modern Human Resource encompasses many functions and so does a HRMS. But in addition to the depth and width what really unlocks the organization’s productivity most is a well-designed, intuitive, easy to use and easy to implement HR system.

Which is the best HRMS Software for me?

The best HRMS Software is which:

  1. Meets all your current needs.
  2. Meets or has roadmap for your Future needs.
  3. Is easy to Learn & Use.
  4. Is easily Configurable.
  5. Help & Support is available
  6. Provides uninterrupted Bug fixes & Enhancements.
  7. Takes care of your Service Requests.
  8. Works with Latest Technology, is Cloud enabled.
  9. Mobile friendly
  10. Fits your budget.

Which are some of the top HRMS Software?

In terms of revenue, these are some of the top HRMS software products/ Vendors.

  1. Workday
  2. SAP
  3. ADP
  4. Oracle
  5. Ultimate Software
  6. Paycom
  7. Ceridian
  8. Cornerstone on Demand
  9. Paylocity
  10. SumTotal Systems

Wait, are they homogenous?
Nope, but they will be on the expensive end of the spectrum since they have a big name. Moreover, even the biggest software may not be the best fit for you. There may be a much smaller HRMS vendor, but which is much better suited to your current needs and having a roadmap in alignment with your future needs. Go for that. That is the top HRMS software for you.

Even taking care of homogeneity may not help a lot.

HRIS Performance Management ATS & Recruiting Learning Management Employee Engagement
ICIMS Recruit
SAP SuccessFactors
Halogen Talentspace
Oracle PeopleSoft

These are much closely segregated now. So, what do you do, Implement multiple systems? All the best-in-class systems. Impractical for most, if not all.

Jurni HR, your one stop HR solution

Jurni HRMS is an end-to-end human resource management system which lets you perform HR duties with just a few clicks. Every HR duty like creating job templates, making resource requisitions, publishing on job boards, accepting resumes, screening, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates, generating offer letter, handling onboarding, storing employees’ data etc. can be handled with ease.

Jurni HRMS is a set of tools developed to manage everything related to HR functionalities, including recruitment management, staff management, employee database management, asset allocation, employee self-service, help desk, travel & expenses, training & skill development, performance management etc.

From Hiring to Retirement

Our HR software solution assists HR in all their critical operations right from hiring workers to retirement. The payroll, to be done every month for your employees, processing periodical bonus & arrears, calculating variable incentives, leave management, attendance, Exit Management, FNF settlement, etc.

Our cloud based Human Resources Management System has insightful charts and reports at the dashboard, displaying set reminders, sharing new updates, helping with decisions making. Timely reminders for important task assist timely follow-ups.

HR enables MIS reports at the click of a button. Generate reports of various kinds including attendance reports, leave reports, salary reports, bank statements, separated employees’ report, etc. HRMS acts as a single interface to get all your key HR reports and processes

HRMS: not just for HR professionals

Nature of the organization dictates the kind of software and automation that you need. But one software that is increasingly being used, irrespective of the nature of the organization, is a HRMS or human resource management system. Even if it is just a 20 employee or smaller professional set up there is still enough that can be achieved by adopting a HRMS. And this is increasingly because of the reason that HRMS systems are no longer meant just for the human resource department but they have something for the entire staff.

One system many functions
HRMS is a multi-function system. Traditionally it used to be payroll, attendance, and benefits management. The other functions which have become core over a period are performance management, applicant tracking & recruitment, learning management, and employee engagement. The one function which makes it a must for complete organization is the employee self-service.

Your needs dictate the functions roll out
Even though all the functions are important, organizations have the flexibility to start with few core functions and then choose additional functions only as they become relevant. The need for professional development of HR professionals and individual employees can be given a push by prioritizing the implementation of different functions of a HR software.

How to go about the implementation?

Some of the first functions which you would like to implement are:

  1. Payroll
  2. Employee tracking
  3. Time & attendance
  4. Employee self-service

Most companies implement them when they are in the 20-50 employee stage.

The next set of functions to implement are:

  1. Applicant tracking & recruiting
  2. Performance management
  3. Employee benefits management

The adoption of these functions starts as early as when companies reach around 100 employees count and the implementation accelerates as they progress towards employee count of 500.

The next set of functions to implement are:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Learning management system


  1. Break free from HR paperwork, it can be cumbersome. Save valuable time. Eliminate the need for paper documents.
  2. Automate complete employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit
  3. Keep employee information organized
  4. Centralized database, up to date and transparent information
  5. Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  6. Allows employees to focus on more high-level tasks, resulting in better planning, more strategic decision making and greater job satisfaction.
  7. Create data-driven reports. Get actionable insights

What can you expect from your HRMS?

  1. It’ll improve the efficiency of your HR team
  2. It’ll improve your employee experience
  3. It’ll save you money – or enable you to redeploy staff on other projects
  4. It’ll help you make better decisions
  5. It’ll improve your regulatory compliance


Org Structure & Employee Profile

Organizational structure is at the centre of any company and the ability to capture any organizational structure with ease is essential. The complete structure with all the divisions & departments, all the geographical locations, and finally the place of the employee in that structure is important.

And once you have that employee there in the structure you want to capture all the relevant employee detail as well. Personal details, contact details, emergency contacts. All must be captured, stored, and used productively.

It helps to have a digital repository for all the required documents of an employee as well- from the ID proof, Address proof to previous company salary slips to educational and qualification documents, recommendation letters all can be managed seamlessly.

All this data becomes the base for a number of reports- from a simple employee count to regional distribution of employees to a more complex diversity report all can be generated.

  • Organizational Structure set up
    • Group, Company
    • Department/ Division
    • Branch/location/Plant
    • Shift
  • Employee Type, Grade, Level, Designation
  • Employee Information
    • Joining/ Probation/ Confirmation
    • Current position/ Job Description
    • Work experience/ qualification
    • Contact Details
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Employee Document Repository
  • Employee Asset allocation
  • Employee Reports

Recruitment Management

End to end recruitment management starting from job requisition workflow, customizable hiring workflow to managing & tracking candidates and automated offer letter generation, convert selected candidate’s data into employee data.

  • Manpower requisition, approvals & job posting
  • Public job board
  • Applicants & resumes
  • Applicant life cycle management (candidate application to offer letter)
  • Reports

Customizable onboarding workflow to capture all the necessary process and record elements for employees. Detailed process and workflow processes to manage employee exits with elements of exit interviews etc.

Time & Attendance

As an employee joins his attendance should be captured whether he is working from the office or out of it, which is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. A range of options for your employees to mark attendance (Location check-in, Biometric, IP Restricted Web clock-in). Pick-up real-time attendance data from any reader automatically globally & implement custom late coming, early going and overtime policies. Global leave module-to set leave system for any firm worldwide however complicated.

  • Physical attendance- swiping/biometric
  • Device based check in check out, location based attendance
  • Weekly offs/ leaves/ overtimes
  • Attendance calendar
  • Leave Management
    • Leave policy management
    • Leave application/ approval/ rejection
    • Leave Calendar
    • Holidays/ weekly offs


Even if you have the most complex payroll in the world, our payroll software can handle it. Create unlimited pay heads using powerful formulae & parameters to calculate salary, loan, bonus, & tax permutation & combination.

  • Components of payroll- additions/ deductions
  • Loans, overtime, incentives, and arrears etc. adjustments
  • Taxes & declarations
  • Integration with time & attendance
  • Salary calculation & disbursement
  • Payroll reports
  • Final Settlement

Travel & Expenses

Claim and track your official expenses through a simple interface and ability to directly upload the bills from your mobile.

  • Travel request & approval workflow
  • Claims request & approval workflow
  • Payments against Claims
  • Reports on travels, claims, payments

Help Desk

Any kind of workflow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

  • Ticket creation
  • Ticket life cycle management (from receiving ticket to resolving & closing ticket)
  • Reports

Asset Management

The help desk software also keeps a tab on the assets like PCs etc. allotted to the employees and, who is in-charge of allotting, revoking, and clearing it and what is the value of the asset.

  • Asset master
  • Inventory management
  • Asset allocation workflow (from asset request to allocation and return)
  • Asset tracking & reports

Task Management

Task Management and time sheet (mini project management) Create client projects, assign employees, monitor their timesheets & work out project profitability.

  • Client and projects
  • Creating Tasks & subtasks for project
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Resource allocation to projects
  • Filling Timesheet against the assigned project & tasks
  • Timesheet approval workflow
  • Tracking task completion
  • Reports

Training Management

Training Management (Mini LMS) To manage your trainings: identify training needs, create training programs, enroll employees, conduct training, get feedbacks through assessments & monitor competencies acquired.

  • Create training
  • Schedule & publish training
  • Enroll employees
  • Conduct training & assessments
  • Training calendar & other reports

Performance Management

Create multiple assessment frameworks such as 90, 180, 360 feedback and review cycles for multiple user groups. Integration of engagement principles into performance (ongoing progress tracking and feedback through interim milestones and performance journals).

Seamless integration among Performance Management, Training & development and other systems of performance management.

  • KRA & KPIs
  • Goal setups
  • Performance Review Templates
  • Performance review workflow management
  • Ratings & scorecard
  • Reports

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